Take business away from your competitors
Get customers to buy into new product categories
Acquire new customers
Sell into new market segments
Grow business in small and mid-sized accounts
Prevent customers from leaving you

Make Marketing a Profit Center

Marketing Services for Distributors

Real Results Marketing’s work in marketing strategy and execution combines rigorous analysis and the intuition that can be gained only from years of experience in wholesale distribution.

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We help distributors grow profitably through:

Customer and Marketing Analytics

Leverage Customer and Marketing Analytics to target the right customers and prospects with the right products and services.

The benefit is lower cost in acquiring and growing profitable customers. Our analytics help distributors answer:

  • What is the best customer profile?
  • How do we find more prospects like the best customers?
  • What customers are at risk of defecting?
  • Why do customers only buy one time?
  • How much sales potential is in each of my accounts and prospects?
  • What other product categories should I sell to each account?

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Customer and Market Research

We provide customer- and market-driven insights for distributors that drive customer acquisition, growth and loyalty.

Real Results Marketing partners are the authors of multiple research studies in distribution, including “What Customers Want: A Distributor’s Guide to Customer Buying & Shopping Preferences,” available from industry-leading resource MDM.

Our customer and market research services help distributors answer:

  • What is important to my customers?
  • What benefits do my customers expect from a distributor?
  • What do my customers look for when they select a distributor?
  • How do my customers perceive my performance relative to my competitors?
  • How do my customers want to shop separate from how they want to buy from me?
  • How and when do my customers want to receive communication from me?
  • Who are my customers?

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Value Proposition and Positioning

Many distributors suffer from an undifferentiated value proposition that has been handed down through from owner to owner.

But you need something stronger today to set yourself apart from the Amazons of this world. A strong value proposition can have a very real bottom-line impact for your business, helping you to acquire, retain and sell more to the right customers.

Our service helps distributors answer:

  • What is our uniquely relevant value proposition?
  • How does our value proposition improve our customer’s business?
  • How do we align the organization around that value?
  • How and where do we communicate our value to customers?

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Integrated Marketing Programs

Real Results Marketing creates and improves marketing capabilities for distributors and manufacturers that systematically drive demand.

Through our experience as executives and consultants, we have found these capabilities to be the most effective ways to grow sales and profitability in today’s world:

  • Direct response marketing
  • SEO/SEM strategy
  • Email marketing and marketing automation programs
  • Proactive inside sales
  • E-commerce strategy and rollout

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Distributor Marketing Infrastructure

Getting the right marketing infrastructure is essential.

It is equally important to get an integrated view of your customers that can be shared by your customer-facing personnel. We’ve worked with many of the leading tools currently used by distributors and manufacturer to improve customers’ shopping and buying experience, including:

  • Customer database development
  • Marketing automation
  • E-commerce platform
  • CRM
  • Order automation

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