Real Results Marketing is a marketing strategy and execution firm focused exclusively on the distribution industry.

Founded in 2003, RRM brings unparalleled marketing expertise from our time as successful executives, advisors, and implementers with MRO and OEM distributors of all sizes in a variety of market segments.

Based on real results that we have achieved in the distribution market, we strike the right blend of strategy, execution, and measurement to transform your marketing department into a profit center. Schedule a free assessment with us to discuss your marketing challenges.

We can help you...

Take business away from your competitors

Get customers to buy into new product categories

Acquire new customers

Sell into new market segments

Grow business in small and mid-sized accounts

Prevent customers from leaving you

Recent Articles

Making Money with Small Customers: Defeating the Profit Drag

While small customers present significant challenges for many distributors, implementing changes to how they are served can eliminate the profit drag created by them. This article examines the challenges and provides practical steps for mitigating the profit challenge of small customers.

Making Money with Small Customers: Balancing Margin & Cost

Predicting profitability of an order by measuring average margin is ineffective. Averages are susceptible to outliers and rarely represent the true value of any individual measure within the set. In this article, the authors examine flaws in conventional thinking about margin and provide practical ways to better manage small orders.

Distributor Marketing Shifts to Digital

A joint MDM-Real Results Marketing survey revealed that while 80 percent of respondents create an annual marketing plan, for most companies, that plan is largely ignored after its creation. This article examines how distributors across sectors approach marketing and what they consider the most effective channels to be.

Making Money with Small Customers: Channel Alignment

Aligning sales and marketing channels is one of the keys to making money with small customers. Distributors can grow 3 to 5% per year just by actively cultivating small and mid-market accounts. Over time, your customers should be able to purchase from you how and when they want.