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Benchmarking Reports

2018 State of Distributor Marketing, Part 1: Move to Digital Continues

In our surveys of more than 10,000 end customers, we found that age matters a lot when it comes to how distributors’ customers shop and buy. Millennials prefer electronic methods to all others, with 41 percent using search frequently or very frequently, a higher percentage than other generations. The up-and-coming generation, Gen Z (born between […]

The Impact of Amazon Business on Distributors

Amazon continues to build share into traditional distribution channels. Their obsession for the customer experience raises the bar high for suppliers – distributors and manufacturers – whether you sell through them or not.

2018 State of E-Commerce in Distribution, part 2: Key Drivers for E-commerce Demand

As part 1 in this series outlined, distributor e-commerce reached a remarkable tipping point in 2017: The percentage of distributors deriving more than a tenth of total revenues from e-commerce grew from 34 to 41 percent. In this article, we explore additional findings around the channels distributors use to drive e-commerce demand as well as their satisfaction with the returns on their e-commerce investments.

2018 State of E-Commerce in Distribution, part 1: B2B E-Commerce Passes the Tipping Point

A remarkable tipping point took place in 2017 – distributor e-commerce as a percentage of revenues shifted significantly, based on the seventh annual MDM distribution e-commerce survey conducted with Real Results Marketing.